Blitzcoin Invitational Day 4: Naroditsky, Liang In Finals

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Blitzcoin Invitational Day 4: Naroditsky, Liang In Finals

Tang won the first bullet game with a beautiful combination, which guaranteed him the right to pick the first time control as he was the lower-rated match participant. The match and the interview with both players ended, but the broadcast did not, as there was a news bomb to be delivered. Naroditsky announced that he would now be a new lead commentator at He referred to this partnership as a “dream come true” and was incredibly thrilled, but at the same time, promised he would still be working on his streaming and YouTube at the same time. As a result of today’s match, the four players qualified for the quarterfinals, and two of the quarterfinals pairs are known. Just as the match ended, the players got on a call with the commentators for a quick interview.

  • Just like Jacobson in the previous match, he decided to compete in a one-hour bullet match.
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  • After attempting to reproduce this issue for a couple hours now, I have been unable to as I have not been served the ad in question.
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After another loss, he scored four more wins, which brought the score to 7-2. Let’s see how dramatic some of the games were, with both opponents having ample chances. Liang won both how to buy akoin in the us initial bullet games very convincingly, being ahead both on the clock and on the board the entire time. Unsurprisingly, he went for bullet as the time control of the first leg. does not have a crypto miner.

In the first game, Naroditsky went for a rather ambitious variation with White against Liang’s Caro-Kann and got completely outplayed. As the commentators FM Peter Giannatos and NM James Canty were rightfully praising the underdog’s positional manoeuvring and things looked grim for the top seed, all of a sudden Black missed a powerful exchange sacrifice and quickly went underwater. If you click on the popup and install what it asks you to, please run any virus scanning software you have. If I am able to reproduce this issue, I will download the virus in a sandboxed environment and provide recommendations on what software can clean it.

In this match, Naroditsky won both bullet games and picked a time control of 3|0 for the one-hour-long match. He went on to win the first blitz game, the second one, and… Ended up scoring twelve wins in a row, including the two bullet wins and ten blitz wins. After a dramatic win in the bullet mini-match, where Yoo failed to convert while a piece up, Tang, of course, picked bullet as the time control. It is rather difficult for almost anyone in the world, including GM Magnus Carlsen, GM Alireza Alireza, and other stars of online fast time controls, to compete with Tang in bullet. Naturally, commentators and spectators alike were expecting Tang to win comfortably.


This thread can be used to discuss the issue as it may impact people within the community. Below I will be listing steps to take if you are impacted, and will be editing the post with more information as it comes out. The popup can even appear on systems that don’t have the Electrum wallet installed, and for people who have never used it. According to users in this Reddit thread, the issue affects multiple websites, browsers and operating systems, from Chrome and Safari to iOS. A popup has appeared through the BlitzGG app, asking users to update Electrum to avoid a ‘vulnerability’.

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The leader started the blitz part strong by winning three in a row, which essentially buried Wang’s chances who at that point was trailing by eight blitz wins. He did put up a good fight; however, the match outcome was never really in question. An hour later, Liang made it to the final match by winning with a score of 34-23. All in all, the bullet part ended with a score of in Liang’s favor. This meant Wang needed to win five extra blitz games to win the match, while four extra wins would leave him a point short.

It was interesting to see how the match would begin, as both players have shown in the previous matches that as they take the lead, opponents’ lives would get rather problematic. The fight was intense, but Wang never came close to equalizing the score. For example, with 20 minutes to go in the bullet part of the match, Liang was leading 14-7.

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The UI follows a simple and minimalistic approach, for ease of use. Right now, there’s no “real” place, where crypto-folks like us, can exchange products/services for crypto currency. At some point, Shetty’s lead grew to five points, then decreased to three, but eventually, he clinched the match with and qualified to the quarterfinals. Their morbid curiosity was satisfied shortly, as Tang chose bullet as expected, and the biggest match of the entire tournament so far began. After attempting to reproduce this issue for a couple hours now, I have been unable to as I have not been served the ad in question. I however did find someone on the Discord use to run the file it downloads.

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Most countries have their own “craigslist” clone, but not all of them offer an option for crypto currencies. You can watch the event live on or on our Twitch and YouTube channels. The Charlotte Chess Center Founder and CEO FM Peter Giannatos will be joined by the Chessbrahs GM Eric Hansen and GM Aman Hambleton to provide commentary.

If you do, it attempts to install an executable file containing the malware. Veteran updated his thread to offer context from BlitzGG staff, with the original thread in the BlitzGG subreddit deleted. As you can see in the image above, the popup comes from the BlitzGG app. According multiple how to buy alchemy pay Reddit threads, the popular TSM-owned BlitzGG app for League of Legends and other titles is the subject of a widespread malware attack that was initially thought to be a Bitcoin mining operation. Sure there is craigslist, which offers this as an option, but craigslist is not used worldwide.

If anyone has downloaded this exe, I recommend uploading it to virustotal, seeing what scanners can identify it, and using that to clean it. If anyone wants any specific advice please feel free to ask with detail, that is much easier for me than trying to be vague and cover everything. Clicking that popup and installing anything is how you will get infected. Recently there has been confusion about a potential crypto miner being installed with the app. The issue appears to be related to ads hosted on it and other programs/sites.

However you can see the process of what the install looks like. While Riot Games have promised more skins for League of Legends, two champions remain relatively play to earn metaverse neglected — both Wukong and Rumble last received a skin over 1,000 days ago. Should you see this notification, do not under any circumstances click ‘OK’.

So BlitzGG is allegedly using your computer to mine bitcoin.Uninstall it so you aren’t just funding SwordArt’s salary for free. But depending on the success of the app, and your feedback, this and additional features can be implemented in future releases. In it’s current version, Blitzcoin offers the majority of core functionalities (add products/services, searching for products/services, messaging, etc…), thoroughly tested and fully working.

This was the first time in the tournament when the bullet mini-match ended in a draw. In such situations, the format foresees that the player with a lower USCF rating, this time Shetty, chooses the time control. Just like Jacobson in the previous match, he decided to compete in a one-hour bullet match. Jacobson is one of the best bullet players in the field, so it is no wonder he picked 1|0 as the time control for the match. It is especially logical, given his bullet rating is over 3100, while his opponent’s rating is just around 2600.

Despite losing those warm-up games in a somewhat depressing way, Wang was the first one to score in the actual match by beautifully coordinating three minor pieces versus his opponent’s queen. As the commentators pointed out, it is very difficult to use the queen successfully in bullet, as two or three of an opponent’s pieces have a much easier time attacking and creating quick threats. A difference in 15 points is not easy to neutralize in any time control, but in bullet, it meant Liang needed 15 extra wins, as now the games were only worth one point. This three-point advantage, though, became more significant as players moved on to the second leg of the match, since the 3/0 wins were less valuable, which meant Liang needed more than one extra win to catch up. In order to keep things entertaining and fun for the audience, the organizers made a decision to not host all four matches of the day at the same time, but instead to have each of them begin an hour and fifteen minutes later. Given the amazing team of commentators, which featured the two Chessbrahs stars GM Eric Hansen and GM Aman Hambleton, as well as the CEO of the Charlotte Chess Center FM Peter Giannatos, viewers were guaranteed five to six hours of a great show.

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